Bruce W. Hulme, Wadsworth

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County needs Hutson’s experience, collaboration

I support the candidacy of an outstand­ing person characterized by honesty, solid work ethic and a genuine concern for other people. I support the candidacy of a person who believes that working with others in collaboration is better than working alone in isolation when address­ing the problems and concerns of Medina County. I support Bill Hutson.

Hutson is genuine. He first entered the political arena as a member of the Cloverleaf school board, putting him in the position of working with four other board members, an administrative team and two labor unions to improve the quality of life and educational experience of more than 3,000 students.

He, in collaboration with others, was faced with limited finances while having to meet increased demands on the dis­trict from the state of Ohio. That political experience, being part of a group that worked together to make a stronger com­munity through stronger schools, has helped him understand the influence he can have in a larger community — Med­ina County.

We need people in political office who are running for the sole purpose of mak­ing life better for all of us. We need people who can be trusted, work hard, and who don’t look at political office as a liveli­hood.

In Medina County, we need to be repre­sented by people who will work with resi­dents using collaboration, not divisive­ness. We need Bill Hutson.

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