Dan Sondles, Wadsworth

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In the Republican primary for County Commissioner, one candidate is uniquely qualified to confront the issues facing Medina County.  Technology, aging county structures and negotiations are Bill Hutson’s strengths.  I worked with Bill during his 25+ years at Westfield Insurance, where he was responsible for all property management across Westfield’ operations, including construction, asbestos abatement, leases, fleets, office planning, purchasing, contracts and security. The Village of Westfield Center has benefitted from 20 years of his financial and legal guidance and negotiations as Law Director.

Bill served as a Medina County Port Authority commissioner guiding the development of the optic fiber loop, and negotiated savings in the millions on the utility pole attachment fees.  Bill’s service on the Cloverleaf Board of Education saw them through a fiscal emergency.  Bill’s successes prepare him for the very issues we face in Medina County.  I urge your vote for William F. Hutson for County Commissioner.

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