Pat Edington, Westfield Center

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Bill Hutson’s experience would benefit county.

When considering your vote for Med­ina County commissioner, investigate four main qualifications: character, skills, education and experience. You need not look any further than William “Bill” Hut­son.

Hutson is a man of dignity and integrity, articulate and thoughtful, and is removed from the system. He has earned a sterling reputation in business, in self-employment as a private practice attor­ney as well as legal counsel in a local gov­ernmental setting. He is well trained in school affairs, serving a term of office with the Cloverleaf School District when it was experiencing a major financial shortfall. He was with the Port Authority of Medina County when the planning of bringing Medina County into the 21st century was on the drawing board and followed it to completion. He has served our community on the boards of various charitable organizations.

Hutson has given his time and expert­ise for the betterment of our community and our area for the last 20 years. Please consider casting your vote for Bill Hutson, Medina County commissioner.

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